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Cajun Cowboy Cuisine

Nowhere else in the world will you experience the bold Texas-Louisiana combo of “Cajun cowboy” cuisine like you will in Shreveport-Bossier City. This northwestern Louisiana destination is a haven for food enthusiasts, where succulent shrimp po'boys and abundant seafood meet the robust heartiness of Texas-style barbecue.

The roots of Texas-style barbecue in the region date back to early European settlers. By the early 20th century, Texas had honed a distinctive barbecue tradition, which eventually seeped into Louisiana. Today, Shreveport and Bossier City proudly uphold this heritage at eateries like Que Joint, Silver Star Smokehouse and Bodacious BBQ, each infusing local favorites with their unique flair.

Que Joint in Shreveport boasts a sausage recipe with origins in Halifax, Texas, renowned for its Czech and German heritage. Additionally, its barbecue sauce has garnered a dedicated following.

Magnolia Pit

Shreveport's latest BBQ spot offers a twist on typical BBQ, infusing it with real Louisiana flavor.

Once you've indulged in the local barbecue, delve into the Cajun and Creole culinary landscape of Shreveport-Bossier City. Herby K’s, a Shreveport Creole staple since 1945, is famous for its Shrimp Buster, a unique take on the po'boy featuring buttered toast, butterflied shrimp and a tangy sauce. It also excels in Creole classics like fried soft-shell crabs and oyster po'boys.


One of Shreveport's longest-running restaurants, Herby-K's is a seafood and sandwich joint that…

In Bossier City, BeauxJax Crafthouse and Frozen Pirogue dish out southern Louisiana flavors with an array of inventive po'boys and hearty dishes like Blackened Shrimp & Grits, set in the vibrant neighborhood East Bank District.

For a quick taste of Cajun cowboy cuisine, visit Shane’s Seafood & BarBQ, with six locations in the area. Their menu features a diverse range from boiled shrimp and crawfish to barbecue ribs, brisket and sausage.

Visit Shreveport-Bossier is a must-visit for those seeking a true taste of blended Texas and Louisiana culinary traditions. C’est si bon!