318 Restaurant Week 2019 will be held, March 18-23, at more than 50 restaurants throughout Shreveport-Bossier. As in previous years, some of the most talked-about elements of the promotion are the one-night-only special dining experiences being put together by 10 local restaurants in partnership with Shreveport-Bossier dining ambassadors. See all of the special dining experiences here.

A photo of Beaux Hays
Beaux Hays has Parish Taceaux running like a finely tuned machine lately. On March 23, he’ll oversee a four-course Italian dinner during 318 Restaurant Week.

Jada Durden, author of the Loving This Life blog and Facebook page, has once again partnered with Parish Taceaux‘s Beaux Hays to create a fun, informal night of food and drink.  In other words, she’s throwing a party – a gangster party. Specifically, it’s a Godfather-themed night of Italian food and movie trivia. 318 Restaurant Week: A Party You Can’t Refuse will be held at 6 p.m., Saturday, March 23 at Parish Taceaux in downtown Shreveport.

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Durden’s events at Parish Taceaux during 318 Restaurant Week – this is her third such event to host in as many years – are always affordable, informal and boozy. A Party You Can’t Refuse will include four courses of food, four cocktail pairings, and movie trivia for $35 plus tax and gratuity. It is one of the most wallet-friendly special events of 318 Restaurant Week 2019.

“I don’t do stuffy,” Durden said. “I mean, you’re having an Italian dinner in a taco joint, it’s supposed to be kind of silly.”

Guests are encouraged to come dressed in Hollywood Mafiaso style. Channel your inner Don Corleone or Karen Hill.

Hays, who learned to cook from the Italian side of his family, will oversee four courses of Italian-inspired fare with cocktails to match. The menu for the evening includes bruschetta, arancini, shrimp scampi, and cannoli. With only 25 seats available for the party, Hays is looking forward to having some fun in the kitchen. Purchase tickets here.

“With a smaller group like this, I can get really creative with it,” Hays said. “The whole idea is to show that we can do so much more than tacos and quesadillas for events like this.”

One of my favorite aspects of 318 Restaurant Week has been watching Durden and Hays come up with crazy party ideas and then pull them off in front of sold-out crowds. Together they prove that, with a good consigliere, no idea is too silly or out-of-left-field to be turned into a fun night out.

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