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VSB Marketing Reimbursement Grant Guidelines

Eligible Organizations:

Eligible organizations include Not-For-Profit organizations under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code and For-Profit organizations where revenue is consistent with the direction of the VSB. Organizations/Attractions must be held in Caddo or Bossier Parish.

The tourism-related entities promoting activities, attractions, and special events should have a history of, or the potential for attracting out-of-parish visitors, as either participators or spectators, that result in hotel/motel/campground occupancies. Consideration will also be given to activities, attractions, and special events that have the potential to generate national, state, or regional media exposure for Caddo and/or Bossier parish.

Grant applications do not apply to family reunions, public expos, or conventions.

Product Development
Visit Shreveport-Bossier is providing product development grants to Caddo or Bossier Parish attractions, festivals, museums, or other tourism-related partners. The reimbursable product development grant can be used for such things as entertainment, event logistics, graphic design, production, infrastructure, and marketing. It cannot be used for salaries. The Visit Shreveport-Bossier board of directors will score the applications and determine the funding levels.

The Product Development Grant aims to support the development and enhancement of events that support tourism in the parishes. Those entities awarded grant dollars must include the logo of the Visit Shreveport-Bossier in marketing efforts to receive the reimbursement. Grants up to $3,000 will be awarded based on the strength of the application and the funding available.

Provided the request falls within the Marketing Start-up Funds Request guidelines and the mission of Visit Shreveport-Bossier, VSB will consider supporting up to $3,500 the first year to apply; $2,000 the second year, or $1,000 the third year, of the total project per calendar year, per organization. The Festival or event must run for one day (minimum of 6 event hours) and must be held at a public/private facility or other approved public/private area.

Events require a minimum of fifty percent (50%) match from the requesting organization with no more than twenty-five percent (25%) of that match being in-kind contributions. Recipients may use allocated funds only for such purposes stated in the approved application. The amount granted could be up to a 3:1 ratio of estimated tourist tax dollars generated by the event. For events utilizing up to 1,000 hotel room nights the maximum is set at $5,000, for events utilizing more than 1,000 hotel room nights the maximum is set at $7,000.

  • Advertising and promotion must include 30% in the market (Caddo and Bossier parishes) and 70% out of marketing (areas that are at least 100 miles away). Advertising can be in-state and out-of-state.

Major Level
Funding requires a minimum of one hundred percent (100%) match with no more than fifty percent (50%) of that match being in-kind contributions.
For events utilizing up to 2,000 hotel room nights, the maximum is up to $7,500, for events utilizing more than 2,000 hotel room nights the maximum is up to $12,500.
To figure the maximum grant amount, take the total number of rooms utilized by the event, multiply by the actual room rate (or for estimating the average room rate), multiply by 3% (tourist tax rate), and finally by 5. The average room rate is approximately $70. Use this average if you have not booked your lodging facilities.

  • Advertising and promotion must have a reach that extends beyond one hundred (100) miles in Caddo and Bossier parishes.

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Event Date(s) Application Due
April, May, June 2024 Mar. 4, 2024
July, August, September 2024 Jun. 3, 2024
October, November, December 2024 Sept. 2, 2024
January, February, March 2025 Dec. 2, 2024