Overdoing things is just kind of a way of life for Marilynn’s Place owner Boz Baucum. So, when he introduced me to Alfred – the restaurant’s new “tactical catering command post” – I was not as surprised as I should have been by this eye-catching vehicle.

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A former Matco Tools truck that’s been decked out in Marilynn’s Place branding with green strobe lights, ground effects and other features – including some secret panels and hidden capabilities – Alfred was not named after Batman’s butler, as I’d guessed. When Baucum picked up the vehicle from its previous owner, there was a sticker on the side that just read ALFRED. The name stuck.

Seeks “zombie apocalypse bunker”: Boz Baucum, owner of Marilynn’s Place, has gotten himself a new toy.

“In the maritime world, it’s bad luck to rename a ship,” Baucum told me. “You don’t buy a sailboat and rename it, so I’m honoring that tradition.”

The vehicle will help Baucum’s restaurant bring their popular style of Cajun-meets-comfort food to crowds of 500-1,000. If you’d like to take a closer look at Alfred, it’ll be “prominently displayed at Marilynn’s Place” during their brunch service on Sunday, May 26. In fact, Alfred may be staying there until Baucum can find “some sort of zombie apocalypse bunker to store it in.”

In the meantime, if you see a kelly green big rig rolling past, you may just want to follow it – the back end’s probably full of gumbo.

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Alfred, a former Matco Tools truck, is now a tricked-out command unit for Marilynn’s Place, a Cajun-inspired restaurant in Shreveport.