Visit Shreveport-Bossier had the chance to visit Mr. Morell at his dairy farm located at 4743 Highway 169, Mooringsport, LA 71060, which happens to be the only dairy farm in Bossier, Caddo, and De Soto parishes. My only advice is to MOOve on over there and taste the best chocolate milk of your life! Which, contrary to popular belief, does not come from just the brown cows.

chocolate milk

Farmer Randy Morell, and his wife, Ann Morell, built this farm from scratch. Upon first impression, this may seem like a small quaint farm. Now, how dairy you make that assumption? One look around and you’ll see this is a full blown operation. When you pull up, if you’re lucky, you might be greeted with some of the sweetest baby cows who’ve just graced the world with their presence (one week ago!). The Jersey cows at Morell farms feed and grow for around 22 months before they can produce delicious milk to be processed into whole milk, chocolate milk, cream, or butter.

baby cow

While touring the Dairy Farm, Mr. Morell will guide you into his hand-built facilities where visitors will get their first lesson in milk processing. Did you know that milk comes out of the cow at approximately 102 degrees Fahrenheit? It is then sent to the cooler where it is immediately chilled to around 36 degrees. It is then heated up again to 145 degrees and held there for about 30 minutes. This is just one thing that sets Morell Dairy Farm’s local milk aside from big box stores is that they use standard pasteurization, not flash pasteurization. Flash pasteurization denatures some of the proteins in milk which can make milk difficult to digest. Standard pasteurization allows them to preserve vitamins and retain a higher percentage of protein in their milk. After being heated up again for 30 minutes, the milk is cooled down to less than 45 degrees and is finally ready to be packaged by Mr. Morell himself.

Pasteurizing building

Randy Morell delivers his milk on a daily basis to various locations around Shreveport-Bossier. Rhino Coffee and Dripp Donut in Downtown Shreveport are just two of the many places you can find their quality milk. If you’re from Northwest Louisiana, you’ve probably heard of Thrifty Liquor and Cuban Liquor’s eggnog daiquiris! Both companies use the Morell family’s eggnog for their daiquiris all through the Christmas season. Click here to view the rest of their partners so you can track down their delicious products!

cow names

Visit here to see if you share a name with any of their past or present dairy cows! Watch their Facebook page for brand new baby cows – you can comment and share your input for what they will name them!


If you want to tour the farm or visit their storefront on the property, their hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2 PM – 5 PM, and Saturdays 9 AM – Noon. They also schedule field trips and birthday parties.

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