Scott Auer’s The Little Shop of Music (1950 E. 70th Street, Shreveport) is a rare thing: a new and used vinyl record and CD shop that is clean and well-organized, with prices marked on products and a friendly face overseeing operations. The collection itself is strongest when it comes to blues and rock n’ roll on vinyl, but the shop also stocks secondhand vinyl record players and stereo components as well as a pretty incredible collection of Gibson and Fender guitars. If you love music, it’s a fun place to stop in and spend a few dollars.

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A listening station at The Little Shop of Music.

If you find a record that you love here, no one’s going to disappear into a back room to look it up on – the price is marked. Want to listen before you buy? Comfy listening stations are set up in several different areas of the shop. One excellent feature of the store is the section dedicated to local music on CD; if you’re in need of a local record to give as a gift or for yourself, this shop may be your best bet. I personally searched all over town for a copy of bluesman Buddy Flett’s latest album, Rough Edges, before calling The Little Shop of Music. Thankfully, they had a few copies available.

“I view the shop as your steward of music, whether you’re looking for physical media, guitars, stereo equipment, rock art or music books,” Auer told me. “And I love supporting local musicians by carrying and playing their music in the shop.”

On Record Store Day 2019, which is coming up on Saturday, Apr. 13, Auer is planning to host a “Celebrate Music” event (not an official Record Store Day event), during which he expects to have more “bargain bin” records than usual out for the public to browse.

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