If you’re under the impression that one takeout order of fried rice is pretty much equivalent to the next, I’d point you in the direction of Geaux Wings N Rice (2100 Benton Road, Bosser City) for an example of just how good fried rice can be. Formerly known as Wings N Rice, the super-casual strip mall eatery has been under new ownership since 2018. The menu is simple: fried rice, chicken wings and a handful of fried appetizers (including small, hand-made shrimp spring rolls at $3.49 for two pieces).

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Listed on the menu as Japanese fried rice, the fried rice at Geaux Wings N Rice is available “plain” or with chicken, shrimp, beef, or some mixture of those options. If you’re looking for something unique, I recommend the beef version ($7.99).

Here’s where this review gets challenging: If you’re accustomed to hibachi-style beef fried rice, you may be surprised by the appearance of the Geaux Wings N Rice version. When I opened my first order, I thought for a moment that they’d forgotten to include the beef. Taking a closer look, I realized that the beef had been finely shredded, as had the carrots, before being cooked along with the rice.

Instead of chunks of beef that just happen to share a space with a mountain of fried rice, this version of fried rice consists of beef that’s practically been minced. When cooked quickly at a high temperature, that beef releases its flavor into every grain of rice. The beef kind of functions as a seasoning. While that may not sound like a compliment, it absolutely is. This stuff is extremely flavorful, with the kind of down-home umami flavor that you’d get from a great link of boudin.

Servings are large and arrive in take-out containers. Much of the restaurant’s business is takeout, and orders are placed and picked up at the counter. No alcohol is served.

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