Wine Country Bistro, Chef Jason Brady’s long-running restaurant at 4800 Line Avenue in Shreveport, quietly introduced an exciting new feature this past winter. Wine Country Bistro’s new chef’s table is one of only two that I know of in Shreveport-Bossier, the other being offered at The Mabry House. The chef’s table at Wine Country Bistro is a single dining booth, which would comfortably seat 6-8 diners, located in the kitchen of the restaurant. Patrons who reserve the chef’s table in advance work with Brady to select a date and plan a six-course dining experience that typically costs $125 per person.

Mahaffey Farms chicken thighs with wild mushrooms and smoked potato puree.

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“We talk with the client about dietary preferences, allergies, and things like that, and from there I plan the menu for their evening,” Brady told me. “We’re looking for fun, experimental diners who want to try something completely different from the normal menu.”

Smith Family Farms hanger steak with sweet potato boulangère, pesto, zucchini, and chard salad.

I was a fly on the wall while farmers from Mahaffey FarmsSmith Family Farms and Sample Farm were treated to the chef’s table experience recently, and the experience was impressive from start to finish. For the dinner that I photographed, Brady and his team prepared five courses highlighting local and regional purveyors including the three local farmers at the table, as well as a variety of mushrooms from Artemis Gourmet Mushrooms, aquaponic lettuce from Doodley Dee’s Farm and more.

Standout courses for the night included: Smith Family Farms hanger steak (served with an incredible pesto, potatoes boulangère and local chard salad); seared ahi tuna with foie gras and Louisiana strawberries; and a strawberry shortcake that was so good I’d gladly have fought someone in the parking lot for another forkful. It’s not difficult to imagine this becoming one of Shreveport-Bossier’s most sought-after special occasion dining experiences.

Sample Farm pork chop, tomato gravy and cast iron green beans.

To book the chef’s table experience at Wine Country Bistro, call the restaurant at (318) 629-9463. Be prepared for a phone call or two; Brady personally oversees each chef’s table, so you’ll have to pick a date in collaboration with the restaurant.

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