It makes total sense that Downtown Shreveport would be an epicenter of reports of paranormal activity in Shreveport-Bossier. The original footprint of downtown—comprised of eight blocks running west from the Red River and eight blocks running south from Cross Bayou—is the oldest part of the city.

When the television series Ghost Hunters investigated Shreveport in their ninth season, they focused on Shreveport Municipal Auditorium and the Caddo Parish Courthouse. There have also long been reports of paranormal activity at The Logan Mansion in downtown Shreveport.

The beautiful Strand Theatre, located at 619 Louisiana Avenue in downtown Shreveport, has recently been the site of some unusual happenings, as well, according to Executive Director Jenifer Hill. Recently, Hill shared a video message about what Strand Theatre employees recently experienced—namely, a portrait of one of the Strand’s biggest fans that just won’t stay put.

The Strand Theatre, which opened as a Vaudeville venue in 1925 and has since been placed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the Official State Theatre of Louisiana. At one point, however, it was slated for demolition, and was saved by a coalition of concerned citizens that included late Shreveport journalist and actor Jim Montgomery. Montgomery’s portrait, which has been displayed in the Founder’s Room for nearly two decades, is at the center of these unusual goings-on.

“I found that portrait in the middle of the floor, it had ‘jumped’ from its place of honor,” Hill said in the video message. “Jim, we’re doing everything we can to get your beloved theatre’s lights back on again.”

Like all public event venues in Louisiana, The Strand Theatre is currently closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, Strand staff are hard at work rescheduling postponed shows and preparing for the June announcement of their 36th season of touring Broadway productions and live music events.

“It’s booked, and it’s really, really good,” Hill said of the Strand’s upcoming season. As a hint for what theatergoers can expect from the season, Hill said: “Next season, you may be able to find a ‘golden ticket’ and enter a world of pure imagination.”

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