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Poke salad. It’s a common plant across the Americas. It’s edible, and it even has medicinal qualities. But let’s face it, aside from Tony Joe White’s song “Poke Salad Annie,” the plant lives in relative obscurity.


Except in Blanchard, Louisiana.


Every year in early May, Blanchard turns out to celebrate the Poke Salad Festival like only a small town can celebrate.


Poke salad festival


There’s a parade, of course, complete with fire trucks, marching bands, clowns, dance lines and horses. And don’t forget the carnival, with games and activities for kids, plenty of local vendors and more food on a stick than, well, you can shake a stick at. Pictured below is the parade route



What would a festival be without live music? We’re not sure, because the Poke Salad festival has bands playing a variety of styles to keep the crowd entertained. Click HERE for a full entertainment schedule!


The Poke Salad Festival is the kind of big deal that makes the small towns long the Boom or Busty Byway so special. The community rallies to show each other and their guests a great time, something that should be a common as the poke salad it celebrates.


The 2024 Poke Salad Festival is May 9 to May 11 in Blanchard. For more information, visit

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