Highland is Shreveport’s most diverse, eccentric neighborhood in Shreveport-Bossier. It’s stacked with historic homes, lush parks, highly anticipated events and local restaurants. It’s also known for friendly, feral cats roaming around the area, but a few pups weighed in on their Highland experiences.

Ki’ Mexico

Greetings! I’m Sable, and this is my bestie, Juno. Right now, we can’t afford to take our humans on international trips, so instead, we go to Ki’ Mexico in Highland to dine in true VIP fashion, (Very Important Pets)., we understand why. With craft cocktails, specialty menu items, authentic tacos, and more, we understand why they were listed in Thrillist Top 31 Mexican Restaurants in America. But honestly, we’re just eager to eat the chicken breast that is prepared just for us.

– Sable, Italian Grey Hound & Juno, Mystery Breed Rescue Pup

Strange Brew

Hey, I’m Lana, and my hot girl summer always begins at Strange Brew, a popular dive bar in Highland. All the humans get excited around pool tables, arcade games, board games, darts and the dance floor. Whether I want to soak up some sun on the patio or watch humans down local craft beer and pizzas from Sal’s Pizzeria food truck, the choice is mine. Although I’m 26 in human years, they never give me beer, but that’s okay. I’ll take the treats at the door – no complaints here.

– Lana, Husky-German Shepherd mix

Well Fed+ Louisiana

What’s up? I’m Niles! Let me tell you about my adventures at Well Fed+ Louisiana, a vegan restaurant in Highland. While my humans order vegan meals like smoothie bowls, baked goods, savory brunch items, fresh juices and more, I roam around their gated patio, courtyard, and green room. When I get tired, they give me cool water and the best head rubs a guy can ask for. But this is just my warm-up, we always go to the Shreveport Dog Park right after. It’s only eight minutes away.

– Niles, MorkiePoo

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Sable, Juno, Lana and Niles are the perfect pups to introduce you pet-friendly patios in Shreveport-Bossier, but first, we want to see your pups! Upload an image of your furry family!


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