Be a Fan Week is nine days of non-stop discounted fun, exclusive experiences, obscure excursions, a digital scavenger hunt, staycation package and more that you can find only in Shreveport-Bossier. Discounts and events for Be A Fan Week are heavily focused on our attractions and the unforgettable experiences that they offer to families, friends, couples, adventurers, and groups. You can take advantage of daily deals and discounts at these participating attractions: Robinson Film Center, State Fair of Louisiana, Holiday Lanes, Jubilee Zoo, Red Herring Escape Rooms, The Agora Borealis, Escape SBC, Sci-Port Discovery Center, Splash Kingdom and more. For a full list of things to do during Be a Fan Week, click here.

So, let’s dissect the many ways that you can explore Shreveport-Bossier’s popularities and curiosities during Be a Fan Week:

Non-Stop Discounted Fun

For an entire week, you can choose nearly 20 different things to do for a sliver of the original price. Some experiences, you can redeem only during Be a Fan Week, and others you can get now and enjoy later! Click here to see a full list of deals and discounts.

Exclusive Experiences

There are events that you don’t want to miss:

  • Victorian Tea at the Logan Mansion
  • Spring Mini Portrait Session at the American Rose Center
  • Slow Roll Through Downtown Shreveport
  • Sidewalk Chalk Competition in the East Bank District (FREE)
  • Sunday Brunch Wasted with Karen Le Beau at the Agora Borealis

Click here to see a full list of events that are happening during Be a Fan Week.

Obscure Excursions

There are more than 30 obscure excursions in Shreveport-Bossier, and most of them are free. Whether you’re looking to tour the back roads of the Boom or Bust Byway or frolic through our gardens and parks, there’s more where that came from. Click here to sift through our obscure excursions.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

The rules are simple. Race around our cities for nine days to discover everything you need to see, eat and experience in Shreveport-Bossier for a chance to win a staycation package. First, you’ll need to download the GooseChase app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Click here to see the prize package deals and how to enter the scavenger hunt.

The Bigger Picture

The purpose of Be a Fan Week is to shine a light on local attractions, which are a huge component of the travel and tourism industry. Visitors travel across the globe to see Shreveport-Bossier up close and personal.  This week runs in conjunction with National Travel and Tourism Week and usually aligns with north Louisiana’s biggest fundraiser, Give for Good. Many of our attractions are non-profit organizations and Be a Fan Week reminds locals and travelers of their significance in our community.

If you still have questions regarding Be a Fan Week, here a page of FAQ that may simplify your queries. You can find more information at