Milam Street Kitchen Incubator & Community Kitchen (MS KICK), located at 1201 Milam Street in Shreveport, is a local gem that houses underground culinary artists and start-up caterers in an effort to support, build, and supply local cooks with a full-service catering kitchen. This center is a community project that serves entrepreneur chefs, giving them an affordable brick and mortar to prepare, cook, and serve Shreveport-Bossier foodies at a high capacity. Feeding the Soul Cajun Cuisine owner, Cecelia Williams, shared her inspirational story with me about how MS KICK is responsible for pushing her to follow her palate passions.

Photo of Cecelia Williams, Owner of Feeding the Cajun Soul, LLC

 “I was a full-time waitress prior to taking a leap of faith with MS KICK,” Williams explained. “Because of them, I was able to retain all the proper licenses and permits to serve the community, connect with other caterers and food truck operators, and teach my children about the importance of financial security and time management. These concepts were foreign to me when I decided to become a businesswoman.”

 Feeding the Soul Cajun Cuisine is a specialty catering service with a strength in Cajun seafood dishes. All menu items are made to order. You can try some of Cecelia’s most popular dishes such as shrimp and crab boils, stuffed turkey legs, crispy fried catfish, crawfish baked potatoes, seasoned-to-perfection turkey necks, and more. Feeding the Soul Cajun Cuisine is available for take-out at MS KICK Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. All major methods of payment are accepted, including Cash App and Paypal.  

“Shreveport has always been home, and so many of my dishes are inspired by homecooked meals I enjoyed growing up,” said Williams. ”I’ve been sharpening my culinary skills since I was five years old. There’s never been a moment that I would deny a new dish or hesitate to mix two, non-traditional ingredients for an epic flavor. I recently invented a secret butter sauce that adds a savory kick to crab legs and boiled shrimp. It’s called ratchet butter, and you cannot leave without trying it.”

In addition to her made-to-order meals at MS KICK, Cecelia also offers catering services, private candlelight dinners, decadent desserts and more. For more information and updates about Feeding the Cajun Soul, you can visit their Facebook page, call Cecelia at 318-573-1282, or email her at

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