Saige Acres Flower Farm is a family floristry and experiential farm, located at 10200 Blanchard Furrh Road in Mooringsport, Louisiana on the Boom or Bust Byway, a 30-minute drive from downtown Shreveport. This farm produces an assortment of flowers and other low-maintenance veggies year-round, but they’ve excelled in the fall department this season. This petite farm is nestled next to the owner’s home, Meagan Oberley, a certified florist with a green thumb and a knack for outdoor décor.

“The farm is named after our baby girl that rests in heaven, Kenzley Saige. For her namesake, we want our farm to be bright, cheery, and experiential for everyone that visits. That’s why we offer affordable u-pick opportunities for families near and far, decorations for photo-ops, and a wide variety of vibrant flower arrangements,” said Owner Meagan Oberley.

Visitors can gain the full autumn experience at Saige Acres Flower Farm by picking multi-colored sunflowers, snipping pumpkins from their growing beds, and more. If you’re seeking an authentic rustic backdrop for professional family photos, don’t leave without posing in front of Oberley’s autumn outdoor setups, including a pumpkin patch and vintage tractor with sunflowers in the background, the sitting scarecrow and hay barrel nestled beneath a tree setting, or pose in front of the three-tier pumpkin rack with a wooden harvest sign.

If your focus is solely on floral fun or specialty handpicked arrangements, schedule a visit to Saige Acres Flower Farm today. You can purchase generic flowers tailored for everything from handheld bouquets to vase arrangements. Or plan to honor your loved ones on special holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Right now, Saige Acres Flower Farm is open by appointment only. Visit their website or Facebook page for more details.

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