Now more than ever, the world is consumed with clean, all-natural products. Experts across the world are becoming more enthralled in delivering clean creations to their followers, but Shreveport’s very own, Ben Whalen at Ben’s Body Basics began his world of pure skincare right here in north Louisiana. Recently, he launched an all-new Lavender Town skincare line. The lavender used in this box is locally grown at Dixie Farms Lavender, which is located along the Boom or Bust Byway in rural Caddo Parish.

Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter

Ben’s body butter puts shea and cocoa to shame. The hint of grapefruit married with the lavender scent gives your skin a sleek and smooth finish. This was one of my favorites.

Lavender Almond Body Scrub

Aside from almond being one of my favorite subtle scents, you can feel each grain in Ben’s scrub gently moisturizing your skin for supple and polished results.

Lavender Fresca Facial Toner

My skin is a bit sensitive and reactive when it comes to skincare products, but Ben’s facial toner left my face feeling deep-cleaned and refreshed and relaxed with no skin retorts.

Lavender Cleansing Body Wash

Because Ben’s body wash is a thin liquid, a little product goes a long way, but the lather is thick enough to secure a clean ending. It makes for a great hand soap because it’s not drying.

Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On

Let me tell you why Ben’s lavender essential oil roll-on will never leave my bedside. If you place this oil behind your ears, along your collar bone, and on the inside of your wrists, you’re guaranteed to sleep like a newborn baby. There’s magic in that little bottle.

“My slogan is ‘let nature serve’ because these products are placed here for our benefit. The natural effects of lavender help improve sleep and skin blemishes, as well as a remedy for pain. There isn’t a more valuable gift to give. Lavender Town is a low-cost product that offers R&R at your pace, at your place.”

-Ben Whalen, Owner of Ben’s Body Basics

You can elevate your skincare routine with more of Ben’s Body Basics raw products, such as bath salts, hand sanitizers, deodorant, beard oils, and more. Find your new favorite online at or in various stores across Shreveport, including The Agora Borealis, Moore Active, Drug Emporium, Breathe Yoga, Shreve Towne Studio 512, Sunshine Health Market & CaféEnchanted Garden and Well+Fed Louisiana.

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