The Seventh Tap Brewing Project hosted their grand opening on Saturday, June 5, 2021, and millennials are flocking to their tap room and patio on weekdays, weekends, days and nights to share a pint. This brewery and most millennials’ mindsets have an immense number of traits in common, such as challenging the status-quo, placing importance on relationships, embracing creative thinking and more. Although the beer is brewed for beer lovers of all kinds, here’s seven reasons why there’s a magnetic draw for millennials:

1. The Beer is Brewed by Millennials.

The Seventh Tap exists because three friends, Jose, Colby, and Samuel, shared a dream of bringing craft beer to the Shreveport-Bossier area. Their passion for beer grew from their days as homebrewers in 2014 to a full-service brewery in 2021.

2. Their Social Media Presence is Vibrant and Charismatic.

Because millennials own the social media era, this was an easy score for Seventh Tap. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts are colorful, inspirational, enticing, and informational. Everything from their stylish beer can labels to behind-the-scenes shots, they are feeding the millennial cravings of craft beer through vivid imagery. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to see for yourself.

3. Their Modern-Style Tap Room is a Photo-op.

Although their tap room has traditional elements to its design, the space is a professional and amateur photographer’s playground. Whether you want a group photo in front of a mural, a patio pic, or a pint of beer with a bold background, you can get all of those shots and more at The Seventh Tap

4. Well, Because Day Drinking is on the Rise.

Most millennials are trading in late night shenanigans for day drinking opportunities. Right now, many of them are transitioning from an adolescent adult to real-life adulting, and they’re seeking daytime hangouts to have the best of both worlds. The Seventh Tap is open from noon to 10 p.m. on Saturdays. You’re welcome. 

5. It’s the Newest Brewery on the Block.

Honestly, this may not be a “millennial thing” per se, but millennials are more likely to be tuned in to new ideas, ventures, and places. Although Shreveport-Bossier is home to three other acclaimed breweries, Flying Heart Brewing and Pub in the East Bank District, Red River Brewpub in downtown Shreveport, and Great Raft Brewing in the historic Highland neighborhoodThe Seventh Tap is the new kid on the block. Everyone loves something fresh, especially millennials.

6. Millennials are Most Likely to Experiment with New Flavors.

You’ll likely hear once or twice that millennials are adaptive to change, and furthermore, they embrace it. Those 20- or 30-somethings are usually the pioneers of ushering changes in traditions, so the Seventh Tap’s bold blends are a potent brew for open minds like theirs. One of their most popular quirky concoctions is the cocoa loco, which is a Mexican chocolate inspired stout brewed with cacao nibs and cinnamon sticks. 

7. Let’s Face It, They’re Beer Snobs.

Studies show that the younger a beer consumer is the more likely they are to drink a beer outside of the home, i.e., millennials. Because they have a deep passion for learning, millennials study the brewing process and can navigate a tap room with their taste buds, thus identifying them as the ultimate beer snobs. Don’t worry, they won’t pass judgement, but a Michelob, Miller or Coors just won’t cut it for them. They’re all flocking to The Seventh Tap, which is located at 2640 Linwood Avenue in Shreveport.